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CLASS STARTS 4/13/2023!! Let’s elevate together! After taking a much needed break we are moving forward with SPIRITUAL GAWDDESS ENLIGHTENMENT MINISTRIES!!! Let’s tap into our higher self! Growth is not an option if you follow me!!

Check out my product!

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It's been difficult for me to show who I helped for sometime now. I will do better in 2024! My mother taught me to give without cameras or a microphone. Times have changed and being that I operate

Free books

For those of you in school grade and college, we received a huge donation of books. I’ll be sorting them this weekend! These books are used! If you need books for school please feel free to reach ou

Ori Class

We’re hosting an Ori class to master your alignment with your Ori/your head/your personal Orisha! This is a two day class Feb 11/12 7 pm est! This class will be hosted by A Master teacher of Ori! I

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