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Frequently Asked Questions

All the Answers You Seek, In One Place

How can I book a reading or Coaching Session?

It's a very simple process to book with SG. Once you arrive at our website, click the 3 lines In the top right corner, go to shop, scroll until you see the desired session and length, Click and Purchase.  Once you purchase your session one of our members will reach out to you within an hour to schedule the session!  It's just that simple.  

When will I get an appointment?

For Tarot sessions, your session can be booked within 48 hours of the time your donation has been received.  If you need to schedule a later date, we can oblige that as well.  
Coaching sessions are currently on Fridays Or Sundays weekly.  You pick what day works for you and we'll work to create a set time weekly.  Please be advised some time slots are not available due to other clients whom have booked prior to you. 

What methods of Sessions do you offer? 

Currently we offer Phone, Zoom, or Pre Recorded sessions for Tarot and Phone and Zoom mix for Coaching.  
Please make sure you choose the correct option for these services.  Donations may differ per method. 

What is the Refund policy? 

Please be sure you would like to meet with Spiritual Gawddess.  Her approach is direct.  We DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS for any of our sessions!  You can choose to cancel your service at any time. Upon cancellation any monies that have been donated will remain with the organization! 

Will SG come to me? 

Currently we are only working within Georgia.  If you're not located in GA please take advantage of our online or phone services.  
Any service that's offered as MOBILE in GA will have a travel fee added depending on distance. 

How can I Donate? 

Thank you very much for considering donating to SPIRITUAL GAWDDESS ENLIGHTENMENT INC.  Your donation will go along ways.  A donation without service will be used to assist the Org in continuously assisting the Spiritual Community, Kids, Teachers, and the Unfortunate Community.  SG INNERstand her Life Path and that's to bring Mankind closer to Spirit and Philanthropy.. Please click the donation button at the bottom of this page or on home page to submit your donation! We're forever grateful! 

Payment Methods 

We accept All Major Credit and Debt Cards. 
We also accept Sezzle and Klarna for those whom would like to pay in increments! 
You must go through the website to book SG! 

Where can I find SG Tarot videos before creating a session?.

SG donates her Spiritual Gift 6 days a week for free on YouTube.  The link will be at below.  
Currently you can find Collective Zodiac readings for Aquarius, Capricorn, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, and Sagittarius. Along with Spiritual messages. 

How can I Volunteer with SGE INC?

We are currently working to secure local projects in which we'd like to invest our time in.  There will be an updated form for volunteers on the website very soon. 
*To volunteer you will need to be able to physically assist.*We do not pay volunteers. *You will need a background check that's no more than 30 days old. ($20 from most police stations)*You will need to provide your way to and from the volunteer site* Shirts will be provided* You are expected to represent YOURSELF and the Org at the HIGHEST REGARD at all times while on site to assist. 
We greatly appreciate your shared interest in creating a high vibrational frequency and giving back to create a better place for all 

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