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Welcome to your calling!! To go back to tradition is the first step forward – African proverbCome home (Africa) in mind and in spirit, come back to the source and inherit your own “Holy joy” (The bliss beyond the now) walk strong with inner knowing and guided by wisdom from foreknowledge. Gain inner peace it is your birth right, heal yourself, expand you’re in born gifts or just direction with life guidance…. You are home! I honour the ancestors and worship the Orisa, whose love continues to sustain us..
Ase ooooo.

IFÁ divination (Reading) is a spiritual and physical investigation into you and helps to bring clarity and clear directives on the wisdom and knowledge on how to connect to your highest potential. 
Through the IFA divination (Reading) the areas of your personal life that needs help will be revealed, The Odu that will come up on the reading will reveal what you’re going through and what to do to fix everything back to normal life, So getting your own IFÁ divinations (Reading) is actually a good step.
It is through Ifa divination (Reading) that the history of our ancestors is told and how they were able to overcome challenges in their own lives, an Ifá divination (Reading) is a very important part in human development and overstanding.
Do not let anyone tells you it’s evil and ungodly, remember you have your right to choose your decision either moving forward or not. 

IFÁ initiation or ÌTEFÁ is a way of founding solution to life problems, it’s also a means of rebranding of bad destiny because it foresee what we were destined to do on the earth, also the best way to discover who really is yourself, how you must live your life, what you should be doing and what you must not engage yourself into that affects/affecting your life in one way or the other all shall be mention during the ÌTEFÁ.
1. IFÁ initiation /ÌTEFÁ is not a day work, it can not finish in a day. (3)days, (7)days, (17)days or more
2. IFÁ initiation /ÌTEFÁ is not one man work, it will comprises group of vibrant Babaláwo
3. IFÁ initiation /is NOT money ritual or killing of human being/human parts4. IFÁ initiation /ÌTEFÁ is NOT a secret cult or group5. Your IKIN IFÁ must be more than (16). No matter how
6. The first ODÙ IFÁ that appears during ifá consultation at Igbódù/Ogbó ifá is your ODÙ IFÁ to embrace7. There must be given TABOO from the appeared ODÙ IFÁ at Igbódù and the TABOO Must at least three (3) or more.8. You MUST NOT abandon the IFÁ after the initiation/ÌTEFÁ, I.e. you must consult, make sacrifices, appease, feed and offering to IFÁ regular for QUICK response to your prayers9. You MUST always obey and care more about your OLÚWO, He is your spiritual guidance10. All the TABOO and WARNINGS must always be obey, in other to see the good and quick results after initiation/ ÌTEFÁ.
May Olodumare answer to all our inner prayers
Ase Ire ooo 🤲🏾🙏🏽

Who Are The Great Iyami Aje? (The Great Ancestral Mothers)
Who Are The Iyami Osonronga? In the Yoruba West African language, Iya means 'Mother,' while Ìyámi translates to 'my mother.' The Mothers embody the role as the force of creation, sustainer of life and existence, elevating her to the realm of the infinite divine. The word Ìyámi -in tones becomes Ìyààmi or Ìyàmi, which can translate as "the super-powerful ones" or "My Mysterious Mother. Yoruba is a tonal language; therefore, a change in tone from the same word can translate a different meaning.  Iyami Aje is known by many praise names, which include, but are not limited to, Iyami Osoronga, Awon Iya Wa (Our Mothers), Eleye (Owner(s) of the Sacred Bird) Iya Iyami, Egbe Iyalode Oshun, Iyemoja Oya, etc.

ORI literally means "head" which refers to one's spiritual intuition and destiny life path.
When Ifa says during divination to feed one’s ORI, it means that one must understand the energy and powers ORI possess in one’s life, that leads someone to great outcomes and help you stay on your destiny’s path of oneself. Once one’s ORI is fed, it moves us closer to our potential of greatness through a series of serendipities we may call coincidences but it was one’s ORI that lead them to this path of your destiny’s divinity. 
ORI serves us as our great bodily protector as helping us to reveal righteous decisions and thoughts that leads to great blessings of wealth, long life, peace of mind, and help manifest your greatest potential in one’s career which can lead to fame and fortune. 
ORI is the greatest gift we as humans posses so we need to understand the powers we all hold within us by getting a divination Ifa reading and feeding one’s Ori can be the best gift you can give yourself because it just might save your life. 
If you don’t feed your ORI, then you will be faced with anxiety, lack of sleep, daily life frustrations which comes off as blockage to one’s mental state that leads to missed opportunities and maybe fatal accidents and illnesses. 
It is very important to listen to Ifa’s words when you are told to feed one’s ORI, this is to prevent hardships and misfortune to occur in one’s life. Feeding one’s ORI can increase dreams, visions, and blessings of positive outcomes as it pertains to many aspects of one’s life.
But no because other religions tells you not to involve yourself in any sacrifices, meanwhile some of y’all are enjoying the fact that your forefathers who happens to be an ABORISA back then as worked and serve the IRUNMOLE, and they died without rewards, and you being the grandson or granddaughter is here reaping the hard labors of your forefathers that served the IRUNMOLE with every part of their body then thinking it’s how you pray or good at fasting that makes you the better person you are today, o ti da 😒 
Ifa ni 

Note: no one will help you find your way to reach the greatness of your life, you’re the CEO of your life, you can do it better than anyone else out there with your ORI. 
Iré ni o 

Egbe is accordingly known to be Yoruba spirituality and our Heavenly Mates or better still called Spiritual Colleagues which must constantly be appeased and acknowledged 
Ase Ire Ooo 🤲🏾

Egungun is regarded as the collective spirits of the Ancestors who occupy a space in heaven, hence they are called dwellers of heaven. These Ancestral spirits are believed to be in constant watch of their survivors on Earth.

The Orishas of Yoruba
Orisha (also given as Orisa and Orishas) are supernatural entities usually referred to as deities in the Yoruba traditional religion of West Africa, though they are actually emanations or avatars of the supreme being Olodumare.

      Though some people has taking this great opportunity of having access to any shop where they're selling beads just to be using the way they like, mind you putting a real orisa beads on neck , wrist or ankle means the person is deeply from the religion but I discovered its been taking for granted just like fashion and this is confusing some people throughout the world. My first point is that do ever compare acting babalawo or any other orisa priest you watch on film as real one on  earth because of the beads they put on, real orisa priest had been using those beads as it is been ordered to use and not meant for doing bad, well, I know some are initiated in to those orisa and they're not from religion, but mind you , just knows the truth must be said to those people on how the uses of those beads and other materials must be using.alAnywhere we put the beads on , IFA clearly said it from OKANRANSODE, that any real priest put on the beads must be an humble person and such mustn't be found where there is riot or any unreasonable issue, if at all it was mistakenly occurred, the knowledge said such person must either should have leave the place before the riot commenced or the riots should have finished before the person arrived. The main functions of IDE is for protection, to be victorious, to make person be humble person, guiding people against unseen spirit in atmosphere, for easily identification of real ONIRUNMOLE, also to imparting some good behavior in someone's life, it given person privileges on how to be behaving in public also in private, and so many that cannot be mentioned now .  Though we all knows that the more we are civilising, then its the more we'll be facing differents challenges, but by the way, we still need to be encouraging the world by the truth word of IFA(ILĘKĘ) PERLES
Hand of Ifa- Isefa
IFA initiation (ITEFA) is the process  recommended by Olodumare that we should do whenever we want to;1. reclaim our lost blessing2. get rid of negativities3. get in tune with the Universal energies4. know who we truly are and know our divine role here on earth5. know what we need to use, do, go away from, and act, so that we can be able to accomplish our divine role.In One Odu of IFA I mean in a verse of IFA . it talk this;Oye ni Osa ara, Kurukuru O ta monamona Ako Aparo, Abo Aparo Won logbe lori sara saraDivined for Olofin, Onase his wife and Okanbi his son, they were all asked to go to "oke aiku" (which means Get initiated into la) because of the ailments that are affecting them- physical, financial and spiritual. During the initiation, all the negative energy that is affecting them will be taken away during the bathing and specifically during the initiation process.And first hand of ifa (ISEFA) is the first step first thing to do before becoming initiated the process is when you receive your Ikin Ifa To take before getting initiated. This is your beginning practice of taking care of and communicating with Orunmila. 

Ifa Isese Tradition : Foundation of Ifa
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