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Alaafia! Here is our course outline for the two day Ori class on Feb 11/12! Class starts at 7pm on both days! Please register asap so we can have a proper headcount! Ase’

Text me 470-629-3434 or visit my website to book

This comprehensive course is designed to help guide participants on a transformative spiritual journey towards accessing and experiencing transcendental consciousness and Ori Development through a combination of theoretical knowledge, practical exercises and guided meditation, participants will explore the depths of their inner being, cultivate a state of expanded awareness and tap into the profound wisdom and inner peace that transcending consciousness can offer

Course duration: 2 Day Class

Introduction: Day 1

1. (a) A brief explanation of the benefits of Higher Conscious Development

(b) The Domain of Esu within Ori Development

(c) Setting the intentions and realistic goals for the course preparing for

Techniques for calming the mind and cultivating mindfulness and Ori Inu

2. (a) Creating a sacred space for Transcendental Consciousness practice

(b) Exploring the Yoruba cultural and spiritual perspectives on transcendence

(c) Learning proper posture and breathing techniques, expanding your

Awareness and Mindfulness

Introduction: Day 2

3. (a) Understanding the concept of being a Spirit having an Human experience

(b) Understanding the concept of the shadow and the Chakra System

(c) Ori Eleda (ascending intelligence) & 16 Core Values of Ori

4. Transcendental Meditation Exercise

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