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Today’s giveaway on Flint River rd

Mudupe’ Olodumare! None of this would be possible without you allowing it to be!

Two years ago this was a vision. Now with the help of my AMAZING business partner, board members, and husband, it’s reality! We were able to give away so many items to the community.

One thing I kept hearing was, nothing is free or omg this is awesome of you! They spoke about my Iwa/Character! Seeing the smiles on people’s faces made this entire mission to start a non profit worth it!

We gave away every single item we had in 1 hour and 30 minutes! We kept getting rushed with mobs! Jonesboro, Ga I love that for y’all!

Be sure to subscribe to my website for the next giveaway!

I couldn’t take a picture of when we first setup because we had a crowd as soon as setup was finished!!!!

God I love you. God I live for you! To restore the faith in the community and to do Gods work is what I live for! Ase’ Iya Ifafunmi/ SPIRITUAL GAWDDESS

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